About us

alessiostudio develops projects in Urban and Architectural Design, Interior Design, Graphics. alessiostudio was founded in 1999 by Lorena Alessio, Architect, and Rosali Alessio, Art Director, after studying in different countries and getting a wide international experience.┬áThe essence of alessiostudio’s work looks for identity of people through places. The basis of our design is connected to culture, history, environment.

We are convinced that innovation comes from mixing a deep knowledge of existing situations and a “plus”, given by our creativity and experiences.

We are now focusing on the concepts of urbanism, considering it as ecological urbanism but also as a re-evaluation of local identities.

Our design always has a concept, based on inspirations, requirements and it is often connecting people to natural and urban landscapes. It always recalls ideas, feelings, sensations.

Our concepts also express the essences of a company, re-interpreting it into Design and Graphics.
We take care of relationships with buildings and nature, interconnections of public, semi-public and private spaces.
Most of the time the concept comes out from researches on these elements.

We care about including in our design elements that inspire different state of mind, stimulating people in perception of space. All driven towards a sustainable built environment.

alessiostudio cares about LEED and/or CASBEE certifications. Our works care about reduction of energy consumption and they look for a dialogue with the existing climate conditions and buildings, to make them flexible and permeable.
The use of renewable energy is foreseen as integrated in all design phases.

At present, we work in Italy, Taiwan, Japan.
Most of the times, our Clients require us to melt their culture with some touch of Italian lifestyle.

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