Stil Novo City

Masterplan and Preliminary Architectural Design of one of the largest urban development in Taichung, Taiwan.

The masterplan is located in an area next to the new center and it defines the ‘door’ of the future Taichung.

Stil Novo City is inspired by concepts referring to Taiwanese landscapes and architectures and to Italian culture and tradition: rice fields, traditional Chinese architecture, Italian Medieval cities, such as San Gimignano and Assisi.

The program contains:
– a Bus Terminal Station (15,000 sqm);
– a Commercial Centre, with cinema complex and fine dining (130,000 sqm);
– 5 stars Hotel (25,000 sqm);
– 4 stars Hotel and Parity Apartments (65,000 sqm);
– Offices (60,000 sqm);
– Business Center (200,000 sqm);
– Housing (140,000 sqm);
– parking, parks, plazas and gardens.

The office tower, symbol of Taichung, will be 300 meters high.

Masterplan and Preliminary Architectural Design
Taichung, Taiwan
Total floor area
1,000,000 sqm
Main Architect
Lorena Alessio
Senior Architect
Marco Brizio
Design Manager
Elena Abbate
Project Architect
Silvio Marsanic
Art Director
Rosali Alessio
Design Team
Chiara Brusati, Veronica Comba, Giulia Mondino, Stefano Scavino
Won Seok Lee, Jung Bae