Climb! Collider Activity Center

The project, in Sofia for WallTopia Competition, envisages the creation of a climbing gym with adjoining other features including the design of a bar on the rooftop.

This interior and exterior design is conceived as a terrace from which you can observe the landscape, the sunbathing area, while taking a break with friends.

On the inside, the atmosphere is more scenic continuing to follow the theme of climbing and opening the view on the main climbing room. The study of materials and different colors is used to give a touch of liveliness to the environment so that it is at the same time elegant but more dynamic.

Multifunctional Building
International Competition, Walltopia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Total floor area
8,000 sqm
  • Chronology
  • Competition
    International Competition, Walltopia
Main Architect
Lorena Alessio
Project Architects
Silvio Marsanic, Marco Brizio
Design Manager
Elena Abbate
Project Team
Chiara Brusati, Veronica Comba
Art Director
Rosalì Alessio