Oriental Kit Design Exhibition for Onsen

Oriental Kit is a pavilion-bath in a natural environment, revising the ancient and refined traditional Japanese bath.

Oriental Kit can be inserted nearby the house, for moments of relax, being surrounded by nature.

alessiostudio pavilion is flexible and could be designed according to clients’ needs and according to the surrounding environment.

The pavilion is characterized by the presence of two hot water tanks and a room of Japanese minerals placed in a simple, elegant and customized architectural space.

Oriental Kit is designed for Idrocentro S.p.A. It was used as “relax space” at Spazio Chorus for the Salone del Mobile 2010.

Simple vertical structures make an ideal link between inside and outside. Different views are guaranteed when following the access path to the central space.

Pavilion Presented at Salone del Mobile, Milano - Italy
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    Exhibition for Onsen, Idrocentro S.p.A.
Project Architects
Lorena Alessio, Mattia Collo