Saizeriya Restaurants – graphics

The project is about the renovation of the brand and the Re-styling of the Saizeryia Restaurants, a chain of Italian restaurants in Japan (now spread also in China).

The concept starts from bringing a strong Italian Identity into the restaurants.

Italian identity is expressed through the use of images and key-words. Images represent various moments in Italian life, culture and history.

From Italian landscapes, we extrapolated four colour palettes.
These colour palettes are used in all aspects of the project: from the interior design, to the furnitures and the graphics of the accessories.

alessiostudio edited Corporate Identity Guideline (2013), a manual with the information for each restaurants’ refurbishment (now more than 1,000 units are in operation) and a pilot project was realized on opened in June 2014.

Work continuing in Tsudanuma, a residential area of Tokyo. In a few days the new Saizeriya restaurant will be opening, with its version: Uva – “Grape Islands”.


Corporate Identity and Re-styling of Italian Restaurants in Japan
  • Chronology
  • Realization
Main Architect
Lorena Alessio
Project Architect
Silvio Marsanic
Senior Architect
Marco Brizio
Art Director
Rosalì Alessio
Project Team
Chiara Brusati, Elena Abbate, Veronica Comba